Now Hiring: Fashion Professionals

When I tell people that I work for, the first question that they ask (after they finishing gushing) is usually; How do you resist the temptation and not keep up all those gorgeous clothes for yourself? The answer; it is not easy! And to tell the truth, between my beloved employee discount and Labellush’s sensational deals, I have been know to falter a little along the way – a fact to which my overflowing and *glorious* closet can testify. Shopping is easy enough to justify when working in fashion; an industry where great clothing is practically a job requirement – but then again, I would argue: Really, when is it not? Even if you don’t work in fashion, you will always be judged in part based on your appearance. So in today’s competitive job market it makes more sense than ever to present the best possible version of yourself. If you want to land a job, or keep one for that matter, you’ve got to work it!

That said great style doesn’t have to be expensive and you shouldn’t have to shop away your entire paycheck just to obtain it! As savvy shoppers know great wardrobes can easily be built on a budget – you just need to know where to start and what to buy. So to all the lovely ladies out there who don’t quite have it together and wish they did, I recommend the following:

Work Wardrobe
1. Start with a Solid Foundation:
The trick to building a versatile work wardrobe on a budget lies in the acquisition of a few key basics: A great suit, classic button up, comfortable pumps, ect. For those who aren’t already familiar with the compete list of basics I recommend a review of the Work Capsule Wardrobe guide on which reviews “The 15 Key Pieces Needed for Building the Perfect Professional Wardrobe“.

2. Create a Plan of Attack:

If your work wardrobe needs help then don’t get side tracked by evening gowns while shopping. Stay on task! Plan ahead by scouting out the options, tracking the sales, and keeping a checklist. If you tend to feel overwhelmed by the options – tackle the challenge of building your work wardrobe one item at a time. Always try things on, or at least compare the measurements before making your selections. The importance of a proper fit should not be underestimated when building any wardrobe.

Once a solid foundation has been established and the necessairy basics are on hand, you can start to have a little more fun with your work wardrobe by mixing in eye catching accessories, prints, and colors that express your own personality and personal style – as long as you keep your choices office appropriate you should be good to go!

What’s in your work wardrobe? Any key pieces that you can’t live without? What are some of the best and worst fashions you’ve seen around the water cooler? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!